To the low-ballers at the farmers market

To the low-ballers at the farmers market, I can see you are buying local. Awesome. Support that shit. It is nice to support a family/local business while enjoying the good tasting, non-violated products/produce.

However, as I can see your eyes scanning the displayed items, I am left with a little twitch in the eye as you attempt to low-ball the farmer/gardener.

When the temple becomes a house

Pregnancy – the most exciting and horrifying time of a woman’s life. That is really my definition of pregnancy but I am sure I cannot be the only one. I really did not think I would ever get the chance to experience ‘motherhood’ but now that it is starting, I am excited, and horrifying scared….

The death of a beloved presence

Suicide and Depression is all over the news this week with the sudden departure of the well loved Robin Williams. Like all deaths of a beloved presence, Facebook went to work as the masses expressed his or her way of condolences and responses to the news. I remember reading a post that started light on…

The Beauty behind Death

I had stumbled upon a blog entry at My Modern Metropolis titled “Photographers’ Tearful Goodbye to Their Deceased Dog” that immediately entranced me by the imagery. Without a second thought, it was on my FB, but gathered mix reactions. I, for some reason, forgot that most people do not find the beauty that revolves around…


My Birthday/Christmas Present from my sweets

The Best View

I have lived on the US East Coast for the majority of my life with brief period of US West Coast and the near Central Desert. Now living in the Central Desert for good (at least for now), I am always entranced by the spectacular views and light show upon the distant and near environment….