The Beauty behind Death


I had stumbled upon a blog entry at My Modern Metropolis titled “Photographers’ Tearful Goodbye to Their Deceased Dog” that immediately entranced me by the imagery. Without a second thought, it was on my FB, but gathered mix reactions. I, for some reason, forgot that most people do not find the beauty that revolves around death. I went forth in commenting why exactly I was sharing it.

I see the beauty in the reality. We all will face this event; whether our pets or two legged love ones. But while it is a saddening event, I look towards all the positive memories within me to keep that person or pet close to me. Keep the beauty of their soul on this earth alive. We turn our eyes from this reality often because of the pain, but it will happen whether we are ready for it or not. I posted this link not to remind every one of their pet’s mortality but of the beauty and care these owners have for their dog.

Nothing will ever prepare you for death and the processes around it. Whether it is the passing of your closest friend or an acquaintance, nothing prepares you. Yet, it will happen to all of us. While I try to stay positive through 95% of it, I still grieve. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I still grieve for the passing of my first cat that my family and I had to put down due to kidney failure over two years ago. I still grieve for a close friend that did not survive the IED and his life ceased the moment life support was turned off. I still grieve for my grandfather that was taken away from us too soon.

But while, even now, I feel the tears well and fall down my face, I smile. I smile to know that the memories of them will keep them beautiful and alive. If not for others, at least for me.

I talk often about my cat, and how if she was a cartoon character, she would sound like Patty or Selma Bouvier from the Simpsons. Or that she had tantrums that involved knocking everything off the dressers.

I think often of my friend. How one of the last moments I had with him was the day I watched while he got another tattoo. Or he and two of my best friends showed up and whisked me away randomly.

I reminisce the times I had with my grandfather. How I would get money for fishing and I would out fish him. Or on New Year’s Day, he screeched in my ear like rooster.

Though I cannot hear my friend, grandfather, or even cat, I still remember them. I still love them. And though they are dead, they are still here with me.

Never think your friend, loved one, or pet is dead when they pass,
because they continue to live within you.
Forever and always.

To see the article at My Modern Met: “Photographers’ Tearful Goodbye to Their Deceased Dog
To see the article from the photographer: “Lunga the Dog Burial – Oakland, California


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