When the temple becomes a house

Pregnancy – the most exciting and horrifying time of a woman’s life.

That is really my definition of pregnancy but I am sure I cannot be the only one.

I really did not think I would ever get the chance to experience ‘motherhood’ but now that it is starting, I am excited, and horrifying scared. Here is what I have learned in the past three months.

All the books in the world cannot prepare you for the change

When I found out about the pregnancy, first step (besides four tests to confirm that I am not crazy or letting myself go in the need to eat as I am constantly starving), I went with my mother to the local bookstore to see if there were any informational books or magazines. Magazines… are a nightmare. Books however, are much more informational. Regardless, all the books in the world cannot prepare or answer all of your questions. Hell, you may get more questions and be in the state of fear from reading everything.

Google and forums are your friend and enemy

I had to travel before I went to the doctors, so my go to resource was google and some of the forums that are associated to a few apps that can help me ‘track’ the pregnancy.

Can I eat/drink this?

My phone is now predicting things that come after “Can I… and pregnancy”. I take the information with a grain of salt and a lemon but in most cases, go with instinct, or avoid the food/drink item. Seems a bit extreme, but I have anxiety. I do not want to screw up! I should know this crap and I do not! Now that I have seen a doctor, I know I can call and ask but I still search for information I can find like the caffeine content within my favored teas.

Forums… are also informative but also scary. One forum that is associated with an app was great. Until the first subject lines started showing up, “I was ## weeks pregnant and I loss the baby/miscarried”. I stopped looking at the forums since then.

The body is changing

I had been working to drop the weight (or really tone the body) for the wedding. However, that slightly changed as now it is trying to inch towards extra pounds. I am okay with this, but damn would I love to not feel like I am going to vomit when I get hungry. Plus, I really would like to stop the feeling the need to eat at every several hours.

With the start of spring, allergies are trying to kill me. With eyes burning and nose relatable to a bleeding spout, prego friendly medications are at the 50% of working. Still trying to find that happy medium in handling the aches and pains, but until then, I have my roll of tissue paper to assist in trying to clog the misery trying to fall out of my face (The Oatmeal did a good job of how I feel).

Until the next step into madness.



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