To the low-ballers at the farmers market

I can see you are buying local. Awesome. Support that shit. It is nice to support a family/local business while enjoying the good tasting, non-violated products/produce.

However, as I can see your eyes scanning the displayed items, I am left with a little twitch in the eye as you attempt to low-ball the farmer/gardener.

Cheaper over the border,” is what you displayed on the table.  I know you are passive-aggressively haggling for a lower price but really, think about it.

  • What is going on behind that product/produce?
  • Do you see the family behind that person trying to live within the economy we all sit in?
  • Do you know that these individuals have spent time, money, and probably tears to blood on producing the products to buy?

No. You heard the price and went with what you know value and quantity wise. Cheaper over the border.

Sure, it is cheaper but if you are really thinking about it:

  • Time it takes to drive down to border, (assuming) you walk over the border, find vendor, and walk back through customs (double time if you are driving over and back)
  • Money for the gas to get to border from home and back
  • Mileage on vehicle
  • The actual purchase (which is the lowest in the value game)

With that information, is it really cheaper? Not really.

So next time, ask kindly to see if there are any type of discounts available. Express the amount you want to purchase and see if a deal can be made. Don’t be a rude twat. They really did something you could do yourself but was too lazy or just unable to. I will go with the first.

<3 M



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