To the low-ballers at the farmers market

To the low-ballers at the farmers market, I can see you are buying local. Awesome. Support that shit. It is nice to support a family/local business while enjoying the good tasting, non-violated products/produce.

However, as I can see your eyes scanning the displayed items, I am left with a little twitch in the eye as you attempt to low-ball the farmer/gardener.

When the temple becomes a house

Pregnancy – the most exciting and horrifying time of a woman’s life. That is really my definition of pregnancy but I am sure I cannot be the only one. I really did not think I would ever get the chance to experience ‘motherhood’ but now that it is starting, I am excited, and horrifying scared….

The death of a beloved presence

Suicide and Depression is all over the news this week with the sudden departure of the well loved Robin Williams. Like all deaths of a beloved presence, Facebook went to work as the masses expressed his or her way of condolences and responses to the news. I remember reading a post that started light on…

The Beauty behind Death

I had stumbled upon a blog entry at My Modern Metropolis titled “Photographers’ Tearful Goodbye to Their Deceased Dog” that immediately entranced me by the imagery. Without a second thought, it was on my FB, but gathered mix reactions. I, for some reason, forgot that most people do not find the beauty that revolves around…